1962 Founding Grondmet BV by W.C. van ‘t Wout 
Following a long trading history Mr. W.C. van ‘t Wout started his own company called Grondmet BV.

1964 Founding ELG eisenlegierungen AG 
In 1964 Grondmet started its first German venture together with Mr. Kreissel.

1967 Founding first Nickel venture 
Looking for long term sources has always been of vital importance to our company

1968 Founding Greendown Holland BV 
While Grondmet focussed on stainless steel and (semi) final products, Greendown Holland focussed on metals and alloys.

1979 Founding JEWO Metaal Stainless Processing BV 
In 1979 the stainless steel scrap processing matured. The company grew to be the largest stainless steel scrap processor in the world.

1996 Founding Capricorn Stainless BV 
Following the acquisition of JEWO Metaal by Metallgesellschaft, with Capricorn Stainless BV.

2007 Divestment stainless steel scrap processing 
Traditional scrap processing no longer fit the new sustainable strategy and as a result was divested of.

2018 Creation of FrontMet B.V. ; return to Core activities ;  Stainless Steel Raw Materials 

2019 Setup of FrontMet Energy Group JV.
– Manufacturing & supply of finished products for the Energy Sector.
– Manufacturing & supply of Biofuel products.
– Manufacturing & supply of Coal products.