FrontMet Carbon

Our division FrontMet Carbon specializes in premium grades of raw material Coal, Coking Coal & Anthracite mainly for the metallurgical industry. Our company has excellent contacts, special agreements, particularly with premium Russian and North American mines and reserves which we can offer to our valued clientele.

FrontMet Carbon has a strong focus on optimizing quality and logistic chain by controlling all steps in the process by professionals.

We can offer you the following grades of raw material coal, coking coal, PCI and anthracite.

  • Low volatile anthracite fines as sinter anthracite.
  • Low volatile anthracite sized for limestone and industrial production.
  • Medium volatile anthracite for domestic heating and artificial domestic heating products.
  • Low volatile as well as medium/higher volatile coking coal, both with high CSR as well as lower CSR.
  • PCI coal.

Due to our long experience of supplying base metals to the metallurgic industry, we understand very well the needs and quality requirements for other materials such as Anthracite and raw material coal.

High-quality anthracite coal has the highest carbon content of all types of coal with up to 97 percent carbon. As a result, this high-energy raw material and/or fuel also has the highest energy value. The next stage of compression by heat and pressure is then graphite. The almost residue-free combustion in combination with the high energy content of anthracite makes this coal very popular as a comparatively environment-friendly fuel.

The properties of anthracite include its unusual hardness, a low content of volatile components, smoke-free combustion, low flammability and low ash, oxygen and water content. In addition, the flame of anthracite coal burns particularly hot. Anthracite coal owes its name to its grey, shiny metallic color.


As a renown raw material supplier, we have excellent partners with outstanding history of supply, which enable us to offer you the best possible service in the procurement and logistics of anthracite.

Every request and order will go through our proven value-added chain, which extends from regular quality control visits, regular sampling from numerous mines, professional processing, controlled transport by rail, ship or train and customs clearance to arrival to the customer.

Our long experience and industry-specific knowledge ensures a high-quality product with optimum supplies, secured by our own quality management.